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Google Map Citations are associating with your business brand that is submitted across the web consisting of your business name, located address, city, state, zip code, and website address. Your business citations typically appear in directories and other website assets that search engines use to evaluate the accuracy and relevance of your business location.

The most reliable Google Map citations for local SEO are those that are consistent with your Google business page.

The way you submit your business name, located address, and contact number (NAP) on exterior websites and directories should be an exact match to the NAP on your Google business page.

Advantages of Google Map CITATION

Citations are used to support rank your Google+ Local map listing by supplying Google with well-known sources of information about your business so Google can validate that your business exists, is legitimate, and that what you have said about your business brand is accurate by corroborating information about your business from multiple sources.

Earn Referral Traffic

Many persons are loyal to different citations, such as Yelp for restaurants. Many foodies are trained to go to yelp when looking for new restaurants before going to Google.

Improve Local Rankings

Citations are considered one of the ranking factors for local SEO. Having your business listed in trusted online directories sends signals to Google to improve their degree of certainty that your business exists.

Piggy Back Page One Results

Another under-reported benefit of building citations is that some online business directories dominate page one of the local search. Sites like Yelp and YellowPages tend to consistently higher rank for most local searches.

So if you can’t beat them, join them! These online directories provide other opportunities to earn real estate on page one.

  • Google My Business
  • Profile Photo
  • Description
  • Hours Of Operation
  • Verification


When Google finds data about your company on other websites and directories it permits to be more confident about the information that you have provided about your business, and this, in turn, ensures Google are more likely to display your business listing when a person performs a search for the types of products or services you provide.

In order for you to take benefits of local citations, it’s critical that you set up a Google+ Local Business Page, claim your business and optimize it by getting your business name and details added to directories and other web pages. Select our best packages to spread out your brand via Google Map Citations.


Do citations help SEO?

Citations is a ranking factor for local SEO. Having your business listed in trusted online directories sends signals to Google to improve their degree of certainty that your business exists. This is why it’s important to pick your citations wisely.

How do you do local citations?

A local citation is any online submission of the name, address, and phone number for a local business. Citations can appear on local business directories, on websites and apps, and on social platforms. Citations help digital users to discover local businesses and can also impact local search engine rankings.

What Makes a Good Citation?

The 3 essential items are Name, Address and Phone. These should be consistent across all of your listings and match the information on your Google Business page. Adding a short description detailing what you do is also beneficial and can help when a user searches for services you provide.

Why is local SEO important?

Local SEO helps potential customers discover your business. A lot of search engine local searches originate from non-locals who are searching for a business like yours, and with local SEO done right, your business can capture that audience. Local SEO provides high potential customers with the information that they want when they want it.

What is a citation?

A “citation” is the way you tell your visitors that certain material in your work came from another source. It also gives your visitors the information necessary to find that source again, including information about the author. The title of the work.