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Domain Authority BLOG COMMENTS

Blog commenting is a strategic process of writing comments on other webpages with a backlink to your website. It has become an important part of the SEO community. Even though it is not a required strategy, it helps a lot in generating website traffic in all terms.

SEO – Blog commenting can easily improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Everything from building effective backlinks to perking up the ‘buzz’ about your website, each and every blog comment accomplishes a little something to boost your site’s ranking authority.

Blog commenting is very important because it magnifies your site in a multitude of ways. Even if you just simply have a blog, commenting on other blogs can increase your visitor traffic and your views. Best of all, if you leave intelligent comments instead of spam, you can make friends, acquire more clients and build future business partners.

Blog commenting can really help your business in the following ways:

1. Branding/Awareness

Commenting on blogs regularly can really help build your brand image. Some blogs have a lot of visitors that spend a reasonable amount of time reading blog posts and engaging with comments. Having your comment seen by these readers can help your brand visibility and possibly they can help re-market your products or services especially when they are impressed with your homepage listings.

2. Direct Traffic

When you leave good comments on blog websites that are niche related to your business, there are possibilities that most readers from those blogs may be people who are already interested in your products or services. Those good comments you left could entice them to click on your link and interact with your linked website. Through this way, you could get a lot of good traffic from those blogs especially if the post keeps having a lot of traffic. This could really help boost your traffic and conversion rates too.

3. Improved Search Rankings

Leaving relevant comments on good websites, by this I mean sites with good history and high page authority could really have an impact on your website too. This is because most of those links are treated as Do follow links once approved by the site administrator. Search engines consider this as good referrals and then enhance your search engine rankings. However, this should not be done in large numbers as Google may consider it as spam and may penalize your website.

4. Marketing Impact

Sometimes the impact of these blog comments does not come immediately but later. Sometimes it might happen as more people reply to your comments or even use it in another post linking to your website or homepage. These enhance your chances of having more people to view your products and visit your website. Through this way, you can get people willing to buy your product or services more than ever before.

  • 1000 Blog Comments
  • Domain Authority (DA) 30+
  • Page Authority (PA) 25+
  • Manually Submission
  • only 2 URL and 6 Anchor Accepted
  • Full Detail Excel Report
  • Delivery Time 3 Days
  • 2500 Blog Comments
  • Domain Authority (DA) 15+
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Our Service

Blog commenting is one of the important aspects of link building strategies in SEO World. Blog commenting is nothing but execution comments on different blogs If you are looking for the best blog commenting service, then Ideal SEO House is the right choice for you. We have commenting expertise in the commenting field and they know how to create comments that look solid and sections of the discussions that are open in the blogs.

Blog commenting increases ranking in SERP and creates identity. With help of blog commenting you can build links as many blog websites allow to include a website link with blog comments. It also increases online visibility of a website. By posting comments in a good manner you will create your own powerful identity.


What is a blog commenting in SEO?

Blog commenting in SEO is the strategy of posting comments on webpages with a backlink to your site. The process can be split into two groups. This involves using a tool such as scrape box which is an automation tool designed to post mass amounts of comments on a list of blogs that the user has scraped.

Does blog commenting still work?

If you are taking it seriously – then YES, blog commenting is still very effective. Blog commenting is still the effective process of getting more page visits, back links etc. But, I believe that you should only post GENUINE, meaningful posts if you are thinking of getting some traffic to your site.

What Matters More: Backlink Quality or Quantity?

Getting a backlink from a high authority website is far better than multiple links from low authority websites.

Does blog commenting help SEO?

Blog commenting has been an SEO technique since the first time anyone opened up comments on their site in the first place. Therefore, you can leave a blog comment with your link and have that link indexed by Google, thus counting as a benefit to your SEO.

How do you write a good comment on a blog?

But not all blog comments are created equal, and here’s some of the tips I’ve learned over the years for writing great blog comments:

1 – Add something to the conversation.
2 – Comment early.
3 – Don’t over-promote yourself.
4 – You can disagree, without being disagreeable.
5 – Ask questions.

What is a Good Domain Authority Score?

DA score more than 30+ is considered as a good domain authority score.