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Satisfaction Guaranteed
Satisfaction Guaranteed
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100% Manually Work
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100% Google Safe
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Higher Ranking
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Article Submission

Article submission in SEO is an off-page activity that consists of submitting long relevant SEO optimized articles on article submission sites. By submitting articles, the website creates backlinks, the higher the number of backlinks the higher it ranks on the Search Engine. An important aspect of Article submission is that it attracts traffic to the website, which is a great signal for Website brand awareness.

Advantages of Article Submission in SEO

The following points are the benefits of Article submission in SEO:

  • Good Articles improves Brand awareness and presence.
  • Relevant Articles enhance traffic and ranking of the websites.
  • It’s a free and effective method for Website marketing to increase traffic.
  • Search engine platforms find it easier to rank the page.
  • Article writing builds backlinks for your website.
  • Multiple Articles generates connections for your websites.
  • Articles including focus keywords of the website, internal linking is possible.
  • Article Submissions
  • 5 Links
  • Domain Authority 50+
  • Page Authority 25+
  • Manually Submission
  • Detail Report In Excel
  • Delivery Time 1 Day
  • Article Submissions
  • 10 Link
  • Domain Authority 30+
  • Page Authority 20+
  • Manually Submission
  • Detail Report In Excel
  • Delivery Time 2 Days

Our Service


Writing SEO based quality articles is just a part of the article marketing service, the real benefit is reaped when these articles are exposed to the right audience through directories that get you, maximum readers. The effect of article submission for inbound linking and ranking is often debated in the SEO world, but I’ve seen plenty of instances of ranking changes that I can attribute directly to syndicated article submission links.


Our team manually selects the most appropriate article directories for SEO and publishes articles for maximum visibility and traffic. We make sure to research the subject area thoroughly before writing the content, making sure the content is as informative and useful to the reader as possible. Additionally, we try our best to target the content to your keywords, so that not only are the link building from the article more relevant, the article itself might gain some rankings and drive some targeted traffic to your website. Use our service to rock!


What is an SEO article?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a strategy used in web publishing to increase web page visibility and traffic for a higher ranking in search engines and more readers. Writing an article using SEO requires good writing skills to make the article interesting and easy to read.

How an Article Should be?
  • Important points need to remember before submitting an article:-
  • The article should be unique and should have keyword relevant information.
  • Always write relevant keywords in the content.
  • Make the article short, crisp, and to the point.
  • All tags and titles used should be easily detectable by the web crawler
  • Always use headings, sub-headings, bullet points, and numbers because that makes it user-friendly for readers.
  • Don’t submit the same article in different directories as it can create the chance of article duplicity.
Did Article submission still a part of modern SEO techniques?

Time have changed and strategies are changing but some of the old techniques if done in the correct manner are still relevant in today’s digital marketing scene. One of the old method in SEO (search engine optimization) strategies, which was Article Submission still has got a great deal of importance and relevance. Article Publishing not only bring one way link but also help in building a brand and increase targeted traffic.

Why should I hire ideal SEO house for Article Submission Service?

Because our team will not only make your article more popular but also help in your search engine optimization and link building process.. Our experienced team members will submit and distribute your article to the right place.

Does ideal SEO House offer Article Writing Services also?

Yes, of course. As we are the complete digital marketing solution for our client, we can provide quality article writing services offered by native article writers. You can check its pricing here.

How to Submit an Article?

Steps for submitting an article –

  • First of all, you need to select a directory and create an account by registering on it.
  • After registering on that particular website, click on the submit button that will take you to the article submission form. In some cases, the call to action buttons will be different.
  • Fill all the asked data in the way such as body, category, caption, keywords, author, and schedule the release date and time.
  • In the body, put the article that you want to submit.
  • Click on submit to submit the article.
Things to follow when writing/submitting an article ?
  • Completed article must be original, well-written and adhere to the approved article topic/interview.
  • Submit article in Microsoft Word document format (.doc or .docx) only.
  • Limit article to about 500 words.
  • Limit Profile article to about 750 words.
  • Use single spacing after punctuation.
  • Regardless of submission style, all articles will post in the same format (Arial, size 10).
  • If images are included, submit in jpg or gif format only.
Can I Get Assured Of Plagiarism Free Articles?

Yes, every article that’ll be provided by us is 100 percent unique and plagiarism free. They are written with complete understanding and research of market and search trend.

How’s The Customer Care Support At Your Platform?

We ensure the customer assistance at every corner and don’t leave you unattended. Besides, our professional teams welcome your thoughts, queries, complaint and feedback and make sure to resolve it as soon as possible.

What points your professional submitters take care while submitting articles?

Our professional article submitters check the quality article submission directories and submit well written, informative, SEO friendly & unique article.